Our Esteemed Leaders


Girish Pandavji

Mr. Girish Pandav epitomizes grace and dedication in his role as President of our esteemed institution. With unwavering commitment, he has tirelessly worked to streamline and enhance the operations of our institution, a task that demands immense dedication and perseverance. Mr. Pandav’s remarkable efforts in fostering the development of our institution are truly commendable, and it is only fitting to attribute the extraordinary growth of our institution to his exemplary leadership. A dedicated leader at heart, his foremost priority has always been to empower our students to excel not only academically and professionally but also as conscientious citizens, instilling in them invaluable leadership qualities to navigate through life’s myriad challenges. Leading by example, Mr. Pandav is also deeply engaged in social work, contributing selflessly to the betterment of society in his own humble way.

Mr. Girish Pandav
Sanmarg Shikshan Sanstha

Kiran Pandav ji

Mr. Kiran Pandav, a visionary driven by golden aspirations, embodies the spirit of turning dreams into reality. As Secretary of the Sanmarg Educational Society, he plays an integral role in upholding the core values and academic excellence that our institution stands for. Mr. Pandav’s unwavering commitment to every facet of our institution’s activities, coupled with his hands-on approach in addressing both academic and administrative matters, has propelled our institution to the forefront of the academic arena. His relentless dedication ensures that our institution continues to be a beacon of excellence, setting high standards that have become synonymous with SRPCE.

Mr. Kiran Pandav
Sanmarg Shikshan Sanstha

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