Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Engineering Department

AIM of the Course

Electronics is the study & art of electrical devices that operate at relatively low voltage by controlling the flow of electrons in devices such as semiconductors.

Telecommunication is the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. It involves the use of electronic transmitters such as telephone, Internet, Television, Radio, computers etc.

The focus of the program is to undertake & promote state of art technology, formal education in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

The department has vision to develop the institution into a centre of excellence in electronics Engineering education. It is actively involved in key research areas of communication engineering, VLSI desian & micro processor based system design, with active interaction with the industry. Students are motivated & encouraged to participate in project completions & Technical paper presentation.

Career Opportunities

  1. In Telecom Industries.
  2. Embedded system Design.
  3. VLSI & VHDL Design.
  4. Maintenance & servicing of Electronics equipments Industry.

Key Strengths

  1. An Excellent & stable team of qualified & experienced faculty.
  2. Establishing ISTE student chapter.
  3. Well equipped laboraties and infrastructure.
  4. Most of the faculties are members of various National /
    International professional bodies such as ISTE, IEEE.
  5. Established Departmental student forum ‘SPARK’ to provide platform to the students for co-curricular & extracurricular activities.
  6. Computer Lab with 35 P-IV PC.
  7. Department conducts various technical seminars, workshops for the students & the faculties.
  8. Faculty members actively publish technical papers in various
    National conference & symposia every year.
  9. Most of faculty members are postgraduate with Master’s degree & some of them have registered for Ph.D.
  10. Departmental library for staff & students.
  11. Well equipped class rooms with LCD/OHP faculty.
  12. Well equipped DSP & Electronics system labs with MATLAB
    7.1, ORCAD, Multisim & ultiboard software.

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